Breathe Easy: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Sage & Cedarwood

Stuffed up? Runny nose?....Breathe Easy's powerful essential blend use the steam of your bath to create a penetrating cold buster. a hot one, inhale deeply and let mother nature do her thing ...... Breathe Easy.

Aromatic Description: Eucalyptus: Fresh, medicinal, earthy, woody. Peppermint: Minty. Cedarwood: Woody, sweet, balsamic. Clary Sage: Bright, fresh, herbaceous, subtly fruity. Rosemary: Fresh, herbaceous, sweet.

Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus: Bronchitis, colds, coughing, fever, flu, sinusitis, arthritis. Peppermint: Asthma, fever, colic, headache, nausea. Cedarwood: Bronchitis, coughing, stress, acne. Clary Sage: Asthma, coughing, sore throat, stress. Rosemary: Aching muscles, cramping, dull skin, poor circulation.

Ingredients: sodium bicarb, citric acid, soy oil, avocado oil, corn oil, wheatgerm oil (vitamin E), jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rock sea salt, eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, cedarwood and rosemary essentials, green and blue color.

Net Weight: 9 oz

Breathe Easy$6.00